Thursday, September 6, 2007

In the Spotlight: Lance Stephenson

Position: Shooting Guard / Small Forward
Ht: 6-5, Wt: 200
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Class: HS Junior at Lincoln
College: Undecided
AAU: Juice All Stars
Age: September 5th, 1990


  • At 6’5, 200lbs, Lance has great size and a toned physique for someone only entering his Jr. year of high school.
  • Extremely versatile on both ends of the court. Lance posses the handle which allows him to play the point forward, and the strength to bang inside. Also, he’s flexible enough to guard the 1 – 3 depending on match ups.
  • Has the NYC swagger with confidence written all over his face.
  • Very good finisher around the room. When Lance gets to the basket he can use his left, right, or throw it down.
  • Fierce Competitor... Lance is at his best when he's playing against other elite players.
  • When his body is squared to the basket, he displays a sweet shooting jumper. Has the range to hit from deep 3, but also the mid range game to hit from foul line and in.
  • Solid athlete... Not an extremely high riser, but can definitely hold his own athletically.


  • Needs to get more committed on the defensive end. Tends to leak out to half-court looking start the break.
  • When things aren’t going well his immaturity shows as he pouts and point fingers.
  • Has a tendincy to overdribble when he wants to break down his man and play to the crowd.

It’s never easy when you are the next great superstar from NYC and dubbed “Born Ready” at the Rucker Park at such a young age. Lance has all the tools to become an elite NBA prospect very soon. He’s already sculpted like a pro veteran and he has the cross-over, versatility, and athletic ability which make you believe that the sky is the limit. Lance has to stay focused, keep practicing and not get complacent beating up on inferior competition. He also needs to grow up on the court and act like he’s mature enough to handle being a superstar. Lance would be best suited to play college ball far away from the distractions in NYC, to get ready for what has the potential to be a long pro career.

Player Comparison: Tracy McGrady

Lance Stephenson Highlights


Anonymous said...

Do you think Lance's career will go similar to Lincoln HS alumn Sebastian Telfair or Stephon Marbury?

Interested to hear your thoughts.


Jordan Brett said...

It will be interesting to see because his career can go down many different paths. Lance is gifted with the tools, as long as he is willing to put in the work.

The potential is there for him to become an NBA baller, ala Steph, and I'd like to think he wants it bad enough.

Comparing the three at the High School level; Lance is a better athlete than Sebastian, but not quite Steph. His jumper is also better than Sebastian's and comparable to Steph's. I'd give Sebastian the edge in the mental game and persona department. The thing that separates Lance is his versatility. Being 6'4 he has the flexibility to play the 1, 2 and 3 positions.

-Jordan Brett