Monday, September 10, 2007

In the Spotlight: Tyreke Evans

Position: Point Guard / Shooting Guard
Ht: 6-4, Wt: 195
Hometown: Aston, PA
Class: HS Senior at American Christian School
College: Undecided
AAU: Team Final
Age: September 19th, 1989


  • Possesses incredible ball handling skills… Great cross over dribble which he’s equally comfortable going left or right with.
  • Has the ability to freeze his defender with a hard dribble, that he uses to get space for a pull up jumper (if the D sags back) or blow past the defense (if they tighten up).
  • Demonstrates good body control when he gets into the lane.
  • Plays with an attacking style, consistently penetrating to the basket and putting pressure on the opposition.
  • He’s able to use his strong build (deceptive) to fend off contact when attacking the hoop.
  • Has a scorer’s mentality, always looking to keep pouring it on. He’s capable of going off for big scoring numbers.


  • Lacks the athletic ability to get above the rim, or elevate on his jump shot. Tyreke does not have the leaping ability which he’ll need as his game looks to advance to higher levels.
  • Needs to repair his shooting form. It’s ugly, inconsistent and he has a slow release. Tyreke also tends to drift back rather than rising straight up on his jumper.
  • Has to improve playing off the ball. Tyreke is at his best when he is isolated one-on-one, but he really struggles moving without the ball and finding other ways to score.
  • Lacks point guard skills to run a team… Main focus is getting himself going.
  • Needs to get better defensively. He has to get more committed on the defensive side of the ball and improve his foot speed and work on keeping his man in front of him.

Tyreke is blessed with a ton of skills. He is very advanced with the ball in his hands and he can break down just about any defender off the dribble. His style of play is a treat to watch, because very few players have the ability to consistently penetrate to the basket, with a wide array of moves like Tyreke. He has a scorer’s mentality and can put up huge numbers any time he steps foot on the court.

His mind set is similar to that of another Phili product, DaJuan Wagner in their scorer’s mentality. In order for Tyreke’s career to go down a different path, it is essential that he improves his point guard skills. At 6’4, he has great size for a pg, but he really needs to focus on learning how to run a team. He also needs to work on moving without the ball, finding creases in the defense and not just being effective with the ball in his hands. (Doesn’t have “live legs”)

Because he is not very athletic, Tyreke will need to hone his skills for a few years in college, before he even thinks about entering the league.

Tyreke Evans Highlights


Anonymous said...

Love watching Tyreke play. He was abusing cats at the Elite 24. Abusing

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree. People need to get off Rekes jock. He is a tremendous talent, that needs a few yrs of harnessing