Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The "From Courtside" High School All American Team (past 15 years)

At the beginning of every summer, a few high school basketball players are hyped as the future, or the next great! After dominating their high school season the buzz begins and people start flying up the high school rankings. Eventually players from all over the country convene at AAU tournaments, ABCD and Nike All-American Camps so that questions can get answered. By the conclusion of the summer, we see many players fizzle out, while others begin to emerge.

Looking back over the past 15 years, there have been so many great players flourish and take the thrown as king of the class. Epic battles have taken place, like in 1995, when Kevin Garnett, Stephon Marbury, Vince Carter, Paul Pierce and Ron Mercer all dominated their respective parts of the country.

After breaking down all the players that have come through the high school rankings in the past 15 years, 10 stood out above the rest. In some instances, high school was the highlight of their career as college and the pro’s never amounted to anything. Others used high school as a stepping stone to become one of the greats.

Without further adieu:

1st Team

Kevin Garnett
6'10 forward Farragut Academy, Chicago

"Little Ticket"
Was there anyone better? LeBron, maybe, but Kevin Garnett changed the game.

Kevin began high school as a 6’6, pencil thin 9th grader immediately earning the starting nod for the Maudlin High School Mavericks. His game was beginning to take off and Kevin was starting to build a name for himself, when everything took a turn. In the summer going into Kevin’s Sr. year of high school, Kevin and 5 friends were charged with second-degree lynching (charges were later dropped). This prompted the move to Chicago where Kevin would flourish.

When he arrived in Chicago, Kevin was a player possessed. He absolutely dominated averaging 25.2 points, 17.9 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 6.5 blocks per game as a senior leading Farragut Academy to a 28-2 record and the city championship. He owned the summer circuit, took home MVP of the McDonald’s All-American game and established himself as the prize recruit in the star studded 1995 class.

After failing to qualify academically, Kevin decided to do something that had not been done in the 20 years prior. Kevin declared himself eligible for the NBA draft. This move would eventually open the flood gates for players like Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady and LeBron James to go straight from High School to the pros.

Minnesota selected Kevin with the 5th pick and I think that it’s safe to say, the gamble paid off. An MVP in 2003 – 2004, 10 all star teams, 8 All-NBA and All-NBA Defensive Teams later, the “Big Ticket” has become one of the all-time greats.

LeBron James

6'7 Forward St. Vincent-St. Mary's Akron, OH, 2003

"Your prayers were answered"
LeBron James is the most highly touted high school basketball player ever. As a 6’3 freshman LeBron led the St. Vincent-St.Mary's Fighting Irish to a perfect 27-0 record and their first state championship in over 15 years. LeBron was just getting started. During the summer LeBron continued to grow, literally, getting up to 6-7 and pretty much making himself unstoppable.

Sophomore year was more dominance as LeBron captured another state championship. That summer was when things escalated, as LeBron went from the man in Akron, to the best high school player in the nation. Lenny Cooke entered ABCD Camp with all the hype, but left known as the player abused by LeBron James. His stock took quite a hit as LeBron outscored the #1 player in the Sr. class, 23 – 9. LeBron had left his mark for the entire country to take notice.

Junior and Senior seasons were more of the same for “The King” on the court, but the buzz off the court was getting out of control. St Vincent-St Mary’s was broadcasting home games on pay-per-view for $7.95, season-ticket packages for the Fighting Irish soared to $125, and the Fighting Irish made on appearance on ESPN.

All was well, until the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSSA) started to investigate how the son of a poor mother was suddenly rolling in a Hummer and rocking expensive retro-jerseys. LeBron was eventually suspended, but the decision was ultimately overturned and LeBron was able to return in time to lead the Fighting Irish back to the state championship, their 3rd in 4 years.

At this point, the high school all-American games were a joke for LeBron as nobody was even close to his level. LeBron went on to become the #1 pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers and receive an unheard of $90 million to sign with Nike. I think we all know the rest of the story…

DaJuan Wagner
6'2 Guard Camden, NJ, 2001

"100 pts in a 32 minute game - that's nuts"
There really isn’t much DaJuan Wagner didn’t accomplish in his high school basketball career. DaJuan was a scoring machine, putting up 27.3, 35.3, 31.9, and 42.5 points per game in his 4 year high school career.

As a freshman, DaJuan absolutely burst onto the scene leading Camden to a South Jersey Group 3 championship. Being dubbed “The Messiah,” DaJuan had gone from legend in South Jersey to the consensus #1 player in his class. As a senior, Dajuan earned national recognition, after he dropped 100 pts in a 32 minute game. Despite the low level of competition, anytime you are able to shoot 42 of 61 and hit 10 from 3-point range, the future looks very bright.

DaJuan ended up taking his game to Memphis, where he would meet up with his newly hired father, Milt Wagner. Yes, he was that good that John Calipari, not only hired his father, but also gave best friend Arthur Barclay a scholarship, to ensure DaJuan would bring his game to Memphis. It turned into a short pit stop as DaJuan declared for the NBA after a productive freshman season.

After being selected 6th and having a solid rookie campaign, DaJuan was hit with serious health issues including severe colitis which led to the removal of his colon. He hasn’t spent much time in the NBA since. Last summer, the Golden State Warriors gave him a chance, but DaJuan appeared in just one regular season game before they decided to part ways. At only 24, it appears his NBA career is over for now, but he’ll forever be a hero in South Jersey.

Felipe Lopez

6’5 guard Rice HS, New York, NY, 1994

"Not many magazine covers followed"
When you’re put on the cover of Sports Illustrated without having played a college or professional basketball game, you must have dominated in high school and that’s exactly what Felipe Lopez did.

Felipe came to the US when he was just 13 years old, from his native Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From the moment he stepped foot in the US, he began tearing up the NYC courts. By his senior year he was heralded as the #1 player in the nation, and led Rice High School to the city championship. When put against the best high school competition, Felipe was the star among stars. Felipe earned MVP of both the McDonald’s High School All-American game after scoring 24 points, and the Magic Roundball Classic pouring in 25 pts, 11 assists and 4 steals.

Expectations were so out of control for Felipe that it would have been nearly impossible to live up to them. After deciding to stay close to home and attend St. John’s, people thought Felipe was the savior for a program that was on a steadfast decline. His college career was solid (No. 3 on St. John's career scoring list), but certainly not what people envisioned.

Following St.John’s, Felipe was the 24th pick of the San Antonio Spurs and ultimately traded to the Vancouver Grizzles. He was never a splash in the pro’s, bouncing around and eventually ending up overseas and playing CBA ball. Felipe has since retired from the game of basketball, but he’ll always be remembered as a High School Basketball legend.

Stephon Marbury
6’1 guard Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1995

"The only title Steph will win at MSG"
It didn’t take Stephon Marbury long to gain national recognition. At age 11, he was touted by HoopScoop as the #1 sixth grader in the nation, and was creating his mark on the playgrounds outside of his Coney Island Projects housing development. By the time Stephon entered Lincoln, he already had a huge reputation. Many believed that Stephon would lead Lincoln to the New York City championship, something that eluded his 3 older brothers, who were also stars at Lincoln.

Stephon’s high school career got off to a brilliant start. As a freshman, he was not only living up to expectations, but exceeding them, as Lincoln coasted through their schedule. Sophomore and Junior years were more of the same. By his Senior year, Stephon had achieved everything on the court except for the NYC Championship. He was not to be denied. As the final buzzer went off in Madison Square Garden, Stephon cried uncontrollably as he finally lead Lincoln to the title. He finished his high high-school career, averaging more than 28 points per game and 9 assists, and was involved in one of the biggest recruiting battles of all time.

He would eventually choose Georgia Tech, but that was a one year stop on his way to the league. Depending on which way you look at it, you can argue whether Stephon has had a successful pro career. His numbers are unbelievable. Stephon is one of only 2 players to average 20ppg and 8assists (Oscar Robertson) throughout his career. Off the court, he got paid. Growing up in the Brooklyn projects and coming from nothing, to driving Bentley’s and getting contracts worth over $20 million per season is quite a feat.

The flip side is Stephon is a career loser who nobody wants to play with. He is yet to make it past the first round of the playoffs and teams have had instant success the moment Stephon has been traded away.

One thing is for sure, he’ll always have the high school championship that no other Marbury brother was able to bring home.

2nd Team

Ronnie Fields

6’3 Guard Farragut Academy, Chicago, IL, 1996

Kobe Bryant
6’6 Guard Lower Merion HS, Ardmore, PA, 1996

Tim Thomas
6’10 Forward Paterson Catholic, Paterson, NJ 1996

Dwight Howard

6’11 Center Southwest Atlanta Christian, Atlanta, GA, 2004

Greg Oden
7'0 Center Lawrence North, Indianapolis, IN, 2006

Honorable Mention
(in no particular order)
Ron Mercer 6'7 Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill) VA
Baron Davis 6'2 Santa Monica (Crossroads) CA
Al Harrington 6'8 Elizabeth (St. Patrick) NJ
Jason Kidd 6'3 Alameda (St. Joseph) CA
Shaheen Holloway 5'10 Elizabeth (St. Patrick) NJ
Rasheed Wallace 6'11 Philadelphia (Simon Gratz) PA
Chris Burgess 6'10 Irvine (Woodbridge) CA
Gerald Wallace 6'7 Childersburg (H.S.) AL
Tracy McGrady 6'8 Durham (Mt. Zion Christian) NC
Eddie Griffin 6'9 Philadelphia (Roman Catholic) PA
Amare Stoudamire 6'8 Orlando (Cypress Creek) FL
Jerry Stackhouse 6'6 Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill) VA
Jay Williams 6'2 Metuchen (St. Josephs) NJ
Carmelo Anthony 6'7 Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill) VA
Ronald Curry 6'3 Hampton (H.S.) VA

*I chose to spare the many specific high school accolades because if you are on this list, you are a Mr. Basketball, Parade Magazine, etc award winner…

To steal a line from my boy Bud, "this is simply one man's opinion."


Anonymous said...

LOVE THE POST, but you snubbed my boy Shaheen... He would work Steph.


Jordan Brett said...

Rashaad I appreciate the love, but I beg to differ. Shaheen was special. His handle was insane and he ran the break with the best of them. Unfortunately, he had the worst jumper in New Jersey and didn't have the size or strength to make up for his lack of shooting ability. Steph was also on another level athletically.

Just look at where they are now?

Ticket said...

Great Blog Jordan Brett!

What about Allen Iverson? Would he have cracked the top 5 list if not for his run in with the law?

And also, it seems to me that this list has an east coast bias. Is it the writer or the hype created by the East Coast Media?

Jordan Brett said...


Great questions...

To be honest, I think Allen would have had a better chance to crack the list had the sport been football. He was such a stud quaterback. As a junior, Iverson led Bethel High School's football team to the state championship. I really don't know what would have happened had he not gotten arrested and missed his Sr. year of high school. With all the talent he has, its tough to imagine him not making this list, but who knows.

As far as the East Coast bias, you certainly have a point there. However, all the top players convene at the AAU tournaments and HS all-star games and I've seen the best of the best matchup. Bottom line, Jason Kidd, Baron Davis and Chris Burgess were all up for consideration, but I just didnt feel they were good enough to crack the top 10.


Anonymous said...

I stubmled upon your blog from a google alert. Very nice stuff, I'll definately come back.

Jordan Brett said...

Happy to have you back!

Mike said...

Besides Shaheen, Fields, and Burgess, what about other guys who never made it in the league? Lenny Cooke? Lester Earl?

Etchasketchist said...

What about Sebastian Telfair?

Anonymous said...

Giant ommissions:

Schea Cotton and Luke Recker

"And also, it seems to me that this list has an east coast bias. Is it the writer or the hype created by the East Coast Media?"...probably both

Anonymous said...

This list is not in any order

Lebron James
Kevin Garnett
Kobe Bryant
Stephon Marbury
Dajuan Wagner
Carmelo Anthony
Amare Stoudemire
Dwight Howard
O.J. Mayo
Greg Oden
Jason Kidd
Tracy McGrady
Sebastian Telfair
Rasheed Wallace
Jerry Stackhouse

Anonymous said...

What up J....

It's your H Town connection; Regis! Love the article man looks like you did your homework, although my boy Rashard Lewis should have at least made an honorable mention, the kid did work when we played together in high school!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, this was a trip down memory lane for real.

Justin said...

I second the Schea Cotton nomination.

Scot Pollard was a disgusting high school center.

Shammgod Wells (later God Shammgod?) was supposedly, pardon the pun, the second coming.

LaVell Blanchard was also a h.s. beast.

Jordan Brett said...

Let me start off by saying that all players were considered. As far as some of the players mentioned, Lenny Cooke was way too overhyped at an early age. He got exposed in his matchup with LeBron James at ABCD and the rest was downhill from there (see my excerpt on LeBron James for more info).

Sebastian Telfair and Lester Earl were both borderline to make the teams. They were tremendous high school players and it was a tough decision not to put them on these teams.

Schea Cotton and Luke Recker were also great high school players. Just not good enough.

Anonymous said...


He's still better than starbury, jkidd, bdavis, and telfair...

Anonymous said...

Baron Davis, Baron Davis, Baron Davis. Ask anyone who saw him against Dominguez with Tayshuan and Chandler. Dunking on everyone. Gatorade Player of the year. Winner of the slam dunk contest at the McDonalds All-American, schooling the nation's best.

JMizz said...

Always hard to make a list without leaving people out. A few others that come to mind are Donta Bright, Vincent Yarborough, and Chris Herren.

Anonymous said...

I have to nominate Randy Livingston. Although things never really worked out for him, in H.S. he was amazing (considered to be Jason Kidd with a jumper).

Schea Cotton was perhaps the best 9th grader in history but by the time he hit his 4th high school in 4 years, he had stopped improving and everyone realized his game didn't translate to higher levels.

Anonymous said...

I know its going back a stretch (more than 15 years- I can't remember) but Damon Bailey was about as hyped as any H.S. player ever. Whether he was ever really that good is another question.

And what about another overhyped phenom: the Alaskan Assassin: Trajan Langdon.

And one more, the former record holder for the McDonald's All Star game: Johnathan Bender. Must have been a weak year.

Anonymous said...

Baron Davis was real in High School, and I know that i'm going way back here almost 20 years, but I watched Tracy Murray put up 67 in the championship at the old Sports Arena in 1989. One of the greatest shooting displays that have ever saw in my life. He was shooting 3's from NBA range, you had to be there.

Unknown said...

Ok the first and second teams are filled with great players but you failed to mention the only two four time Parade All-Americans in Terrance Roberson (Saginaw,Mi) and Alonzo Mourning both had outstanding high school careers and T-Rob was maybe the best high school player in 95 outside of KG

Anonymous said...

Hi got linked to you of TrueHoop but what about Boozer. I seem to remember a lot about him before he joined duke.

Mr Steve said...

That's an incredible post. And so well done. Really good stuff. Now, some questions:

Do you remember the Shea Cotton hype? He was Sports Illustrated-ed in HS but never splashed at Uni or in the pros. Where is he now?

Also, out here on the west coast, we used to hear some wild Tyson Chandler stories from his HS years. Was he ever considered?

Keep it up!

Jordan Brett said...

Appreciate all the love, I really do. To touch on some of the players listed:

Alonzo Morning: Class of 1988, otherwise he's on this list. He was an absolute man child in high school.

Schea Cotton: Someone said it best when they mentioned how he never progressed from Freshman year to Senior year. I actually felt bad for him after high school because the NCAA was all over him. Between the scandal with Baron Davis over leasing cars and his poor SAT scores, he never amounted to anything in college. He would've been best off declaring straight from middle school!

Randy Livingston: This is another player that peeked to soon. He was such a phenom in high school before heading to LSU. However, he wasnt better than the guards on the list.

Keep posting.


Anonymous said...

must agree with Regis. i was a freshman playing at Alief Hastings when Rashard Lewis was BALLIN like Jim Jones across the way at Alief Elsik. Rashard was basically the spitting image of Tim Thomas. Elsik never won the state title or anything, so thats probably why you left him off. oh and wussup Regis. sorry about the "never won it all" part, but you know yall shouldn't have lost to Pearland.

oh and another honorable mention guy... Alton Ford. he was an ULTRA BEAST at Milby High School in H-Town. i saw him dunk on 4 people at once. 2 players on both arms, one grabbing his shorts from the back, and one player sliding in to take a charge. worst posterization i ever witnessed. also, dude was a BULLY. He actually called his own fouls. ask Regis LOL.

Anonymous said...

Terrence Roberson. I saw him at either a 17 or 18-and-under AAU tournament and the dude pulled off the bounce ball dunk in traffic. I've never anyone pull something like that. Not saying he should be on this list, just seems like he had a world of unrealized potential. Kind of like most guys that played at Fresno State.

Schea Cotton, Chris Burgess, Omma Givens (remember him?), Jarod Ward, Raef Lafrentz (36ppg, 16rpg, 5bpg), Shawnta Rodgers (5'4" point played college ball at George Washington), Ronnie Fields, Lester Earl .... ahhh, thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

What about elliot perry, or penny hardaway ? they put up some sick numbers in high school.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

How about Chris Webber? He was probably the greatest high school athlete in Detroit history and led Country day to three state titles... He's still remembered in Detroit as an alltime great home town talent...

Big Yo said...

I can get down with that list. i saw one person pointed out Donte Bright but Mike LLoyd was the toughest thing on that Dunbar team. if it wasn't for the SAT scandal ya'll would be checking him out in the league right now. Also i think people sleep on how nice Melo was in high school. By the time he got to Oak Hill he could have averaged 40 but he didn't need to.

If Kenny Anderson was within the 15 year limit where would you have put him?

Anonymous said...

yo where Sebastian Telfair at?

Anonymous said...

Randy Livingston wasn't better than any of the guards on the list? With all due respect, you don't know HS basketball with a comment like that. He was co POY for Parade Magazine in both his junior and senior year. Even being ranked ahead of Jason Kidd his JUNIOR year. Jason Kidd made your honorable mention list. He should have been the first HS player to declare, not Garnett. Bit hes not better than at least holloway?? Marbury shouldn't have made first team. He wasn't better than Livingston, Kidd, or even Allen Iverson his junior year. And Kevin Garnett wasn't even the best player on his team in his Senior year, Ronnie Fields was. Another player worth noting is Lamar Odom. Its surprising that he didn't even make your honorable mention list. But on another note, that '96 class have 3 players!

Anonymous said...

Boozer was amazing in high school. Not super stats-- something like 22 and 10 for Juneau-Douglas High School in Alaska. But he dominated the ABCD from his Sophomore year on. And he was more athletic than he ever was in Duke and the NBA. He peaked early in his jumping and speed, probably because of all that extra weight from lifting too much, and from injuries. One time I saw him grab a rebound about 6 feet away from the basket with one hand, cock it back and slam it home, thunderously. I only saw Dwight Howard do that in a televised NBA game, and this was live in a high school basketball game in a small gym in Ketchikan, Alaska. I think if you put Chris Burgess there for honorable mention, who was never ranked number 1, you gotta put Boozer who was ranked 1 from a couple polls, for a little while. Boozer was a big man who was simply better than Burgess in high school.

Anonymous said...

When did Gary Trent graduate from HS. i heard he was fierce and shot about 80% from the floor.

Anonymous said...

Everyones gonna have there opinions but Demarr Johnson ( kevin durant with more handle) at Maince central was incredible. Ajou ajou Deng (Louls older bro)at St.Thomas More was amazing. I remeber Felipe lopez in McDs game he was so far ahead it didnt make sense- Jerod ward was the worst.

Anonymous said...

Damon Bailey!!!

Lost along the way, but in his HS days he was Indiana's finest.

Anonymous said...

No Kevin Durant?!?

Anonymous said...

To my man from Hastings, not sure who you are cuz you havent revealed yourself, you're right we shouldn't have lost to pearland....that was a classic example of getting out coached. They played zone the entire game and ran a motion offence keeping Rashard outside defending their big man, we made no adjustments to get into a zone.

I can't say I agree with the Alton Ford thing though...he was a good high school player but he was just huge I would have TJ Ford or Daniel Ewing on the list before him.

Yo Jordan over all this is a great Blog keep it up Tom Konchowski Jr.!!!

larsjackson said...

If you are really a true hoops fan what about a kid from Mississippi name Brian Adams who led The Piney Woods Country Life School to three state titles in a row 94,95,96, ranked number 18 in Lindys Magazine class of 1996 ahead of Stephen Jackson. Find that magazine "Mitch Richmond look alike has NBA range".

Unknown said...

How can you not have Kenny Anderson up there? That's a glaring shame!

Anonymous said...

I think what people are missing in this blog is that these 15 players had the best combination of 4-year stats, team success, and national hype. There were no more buzzworthy high schoolers than LeBron, Marbury, Lopez, KG and Wagner. It's not about their careers afterward, but what they did in high school. I do believe that Bright and Telfair had a better national following than some others on the honorable mention list. How about this: you can argue that 1995 was the best high school class ever. Look at the list: KG, Marbury, Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Chauncey Billups, Shareef Abdur Rahim, Antawn Jamison, Ron Mercer. Pretty nice.

Anonymous said...


Ticket said...

By far the best class of HS players was the class of '95. If you haven't seen the McDonald's All American game from that year, then you are missing out. Watching the game will make it crystal clear why Kevin Garnett was the greatest HS player of recent time. He flat out dominated. (*Vince Carter's dunks were also something worth noting)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Ronnie Fields was recognized. He was the most amazing player I have ever seen in person. KG was on the team with him but anyone would tell you that Ronnie was the man at Farragut. I have never seen anyone jump as high as he did in high school. He pretty much could've dunked on every single play ran for him. I saw him play a CBA game recently and it was like watching Mike play in D.C. It was a sad site. He led his team in scoring with 25 but it wasn't the same explosive Ronnie. He barely got up for a dunk on a fast break.

qtlaw24 said...

What about Corliss Williamson? I saw his team beat JKidd's team when JKidd was a Jr. or Sr.

Anonymous said...

First of all, D-Wag was drafted 6th overall. How you goin to put him on first time and get his draft pick messed up. Second Kobe Bryant should easily be on the first team instead of Felipe Lopez and Steph. Anyway no1 in the history of HS Bball could have stopped D-Wag in HS. NO 1!!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

I liked your post also Im just a little late making a reply to it...I remeber alot of those names and feel you on most of them, but I have one that Im somewhat partial to...Montae Ellis out of Jackson Lanier...not that big but a sure terror in high school and now with the Golden State Warriors

gbear said...

Chris Webber would be #1 if this thing extended back to 17 years. I realize Webber came before the high school boom KG started, but thats because it wasn't time yet for a highschooler to declare. The NBA wasn't ready. Chris Webber was the most Physically dominant highschooler ever. He was already nearing his full NBA size (like Lebron) and he had magic johnson court presence, hands and coordination. As a prep, he was even more hyped than KG. Magic Johnson would also challenge for #1 if this went back 27 years.

Anonymous said...

No Shea Cotton?! His HS hype was crazy...

Anonymous said...

I believe there may have been an east coast bias on this but that is just the way it is. Anyway Juanny could not be stopped by anyone in highschool. He just signed in Poland, J. Love the Tim Thomas Shout and J Will from Jersey could flat out play in high school. My bro peeped Rashard Lewis in Texas High School and he was the Truth. Cats from Cali hype B diddy as the best 8th grader ever!!

Jordan Brett said...

I'll touch the players mentioned that would have been considered had they been eligible:

Kenny Anderson - 1989, Brandon Jennings is the 2nd coming, but the first edition tour it up at Archbishop Molloy. So quick, so fast, so good.

Penny Hardaway - 1990, he was so gifted that it would have been tough to keep him off the list

Chris Webber - 1991, no-brainer

I completely agree with the postings about the class of '95. Just look at where they are now.

I apologize for the delay in responding. Read my latest post (Isiah) to find out why.


Anonymous said...

Overall I must say you were right on. Nice work!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Great list all around JB and it has led to an entertaining debate. I like the Schea Cotton calls from the fans and how about my boy Wayne Turner? Maybe an honorable mention. That's all. Beaver Country day kid...East Coast indeed

Side note- Blog is STRONG. Storm you aint drizzlin anymore, i think we got ourselves a down-pour.

Best of luck


Anonymous said...

moses malone. he was a straight beast, he and choc thunder d- dawkins was the first 2 players to make the jump.. moses was headed to kentucky but my man could not read or write as the story goes. he could sign his name on his first contract so he just used a x for his signature, still malone was i think the best out of high schooler as a big man but kobes the best ever......... being a 32 year old male and laker fan plus life long indiana resident i know my ball........ great blog playa

Anonymous said...

this list is pretty close. Corey Benjaminn.c/o 96 was a beast, and destroyed Kobe in the Mc Donalds All American Game.
Mike Bibby shattered kids and records in Hs Too

Anonymous said...

Uh...in 1989, there was this really big center from Texas...I don't know...this guy who couldn't play a lick of basketball...and he sucked in college and the pros too, only winning four titles with two teams and leading every team he played with to the NBA finals...but he wasn't that good...Shaquille O'Neal?

Anonymous said...

Magic Johnson? Michael Jordan? Danny Manning? Larry Johnson? Marc Macon? You left off some names. And the three greatest PG ever to play in the game were Stephon Marbury, Jason Kidd and Kenny Anderson (no dis on Magic, who was clearly the best pro out of the top four PG's)

Marbury was easily the most talented, all around. Outside shooting, passing, penetrating, quickness, physical strength, vision, defense, leaps and dunking?

Starbury was easily the most talented...but easily the worst team-player. That's why he won't be the HOF'er he was projected to be at the beginning of his career.

Best player never to make the McDonald's All America Game? Terrell Brandon.

Anonymous said...

Schea Cotton hands down!! Best to come out of Cali in the last 15 years. Deshawn Stevenson from the Wizards was pretty dope too. One year at the Pump Camp in Carson, it was Carlos Boozer-who broke a rim that summer on a dunk-Deshawn Stevenson, Richard Jefferson, Matt Barnes, Tayshaun Prince, and Gilbert Arenas...Wow and who said Cali doesnt have ballers. Believe it or not Deshawn Stevenson won that dunk contest. But Schea Cotton was the best I've ever seen and Jason Kapono was the worst and most overhyped. I don't care if he shot a million three pointers, he sucks!!

Anonymous said...

About Schea Cotton...although he was spectacular at times, especially at Mater Dei, most people don't know that he was held back a year prior to going to high school. So what everyone "thought" was a 9th grader, was actually a of a 10th grader. I suspect there were many of these stars that were held back a year at some time.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

What about Teddy Dupay? The man is the all time leading scorer in FL high school history and average over 42pg as a senior. Best pure high school shooter that probably ever lived.