Sunday, September 23, 2007

Throwback: LeBron vs Carmelo in High School

Many were there to see the game, and I'm sure most have seen the highlights at least once. But to me, these highlights never get old.

Back when LeBron James was the #1 Junior and Carmelo was the #1 Senior in the country, they squared off. LeBron playing for St Vincent-St. Mary's against Carmelo's Oak Hill squad which consisted of all D1 players.

Looking back Oak Hill Coach Steve Smith was quoted as saying, ''"I had never seen the crowd stand in unison at the end of the game and just start clapping in appreciation of what they just saw."

Final Stats
LeBron James: 36 points on 12 of 27 shooting, eight rebounds, five assists, and six steals.
Carmelo Anthony: 34 points on 14 of 25 shooting, 11 rebounds, and two assists in the 72-66 Oak Hill win.


Anonymous said...

man, that's amazing! im a big lebron fan but melo may be the chosen one. Hands down, melo is more efficient...

Ace Vyse said...

Cant wait for the REMATCH in this years 1st round maybe?
melo and NYK will dominate