Thursday, October 11, 2007

From A Former Teammate: Get Well Etan Thomas

It was reported yesterday by Washington Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld that after further evaluation to a routine physical, center Etan Thomas will require surgery to repair a leak of the aortic valve. The following was written by former Syracuse teammate and friend, Jason Mallin:

As a former teammate and friend of Etan, known to Cuse players as "DT" (for his real name - Dedrick Thomas) I wanted to wish him the best of luck with his surgery and a quick recovery. Etan is a man of great intellect and maturity well beyond his years. He wasn’t the kind of guy you would find partying at the bar or getting into trouble. He is an individual thinker with strong beliefs but most of all he is a nice, caring and thoughtful person.

Thinking back to our college days I recall many fond memories with Etan. We spent a fair amount of time together, being not only teammates but also business majors. Some of those memories include joking around as we sat bored out of our minds in managerial accounting, talking after practice or on road trips, driving around picturesque Syracuse, NY in his Tahoe as we headed to the mall or even to grab a quick bite. I always enjoyed Etan’s company.

It’s been a few years since I last spoke to Etan. In fact, the last time I saw him was when the Wizards were in town to face the NY Knicks and I arrived at the Garden early. I recall him calling me down to the court as the players were shooting around. We caught up for a few minutes underneath the basket as he told security to let me on the court. I remember feeling very happy for Etan knowing how far he had come to make it in the NBA. He wasn’t the most naturally gifted athlete, and was also undersized, however he was an extremely hard worker that persevered to become a defensive presence in “The League.”

I always keep tabs on Etan as well as some other ex-teammates throughout the league, as I watch the NBA package on a nightly basis. I want to thank for providing the platform to write “this scribe over the internet” and to let Etan know that though time goes by, people are not forgotten, and my thoughts are with him through this difficult time. I look forward to seeing him on the court sometime soon, blocking shots with that signature left hand and maybe I’ll even make a trip to the garden next time they are in town so we can catch up again.


Anonymous said...

This article really puts hoops in perspective...

Melo_Man said...

Was Etan a fighter at Cuse like he is with Washington vs. Brendan Haywood? Those 2 need the octagon already. Lets hope Etan is healthy, he seems like a great guy!

Courtside at Rucker said...

We all know who the true #15 was at Cuse. Melo is going to take a back seat to Mallin on this one.