Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In the Spotlight: Kevin Love

Position: Power Forward
Ht: 6-9, Wt: 250
Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon
Class: Freshman
College: UCLA
Age: September 7th, 1988


  • Big body that is very active down low
  • Does a great job sealing defenders on his back, allowing for easy entry passes into the post
  • Has great form and rotation on his jumper
  • Terrific outlet passer who is always looking down court after grabbing rebounds
  • Kevin really battles on the glass and gets after it going for rebounds.
  • Superb footwork ( well coached )
  • Great attitude, competes hard all game
  • High basketball IQ


  • Doesn’t have much athletic ability; he can’t get off the ground
  • Slow moving around the court
  • Great at starting the break, but not great at running it.

The easiest way to describe Kevin Love on the basketball court - he gets the job done! He competes hard every game and his effort never wanes. He was able to dominate at the high school level because he is so much more physically imposing than other kids his age. As he transitions to the college level, it will only get tougher for Kevin. Without any real explosiveness off the ground, Kevin has to work hard on finding ways to get his own shots. He needs to continue developing his face up game, which will expand his offensive arsenal and make him a tougher match-up. However despite his limited athletic ability, Kevin is a very skilled big man that you can expect to become a force at UCLA.


Anonymous said...

maybe im missing something but mr love just doesnt do it for me - he reminds me of a slightly better version of mark madsen

Anonymous said...

Apparently you've never seen Love play then. The guy is a man child downlow. Stop thinking Madsen and start thinking Brand.

Anonymous said...

I think he will be a very good college player. At the Pro Level, on the other hand, he may be a Luke Walton at best (smart role player), or a Brian Scalabrini (great locker room guy) at worst. The NBA will give him no Love with his limited athleticism...


Anonymous said...

I saw Love play in the McDonalds game last season and I would definitely agree with your assessment. He is so dominate at the hs level because of his size. College will be a true test.