Sunday, February 1, 2009

In the Spotlight: Scottie Reynolds

Scottie Reynolds
Position: Point Guard
Ht: 6’2 Wt: 190
Hometown: Herndon, Va.
College: Villanova
Class: Junior
DOB: 10/10/1987

  • Capable of putting up big scoring numbers.
  • Demonstrates range on his jump shot that extends out to the NBA 3 point line.
  • Understands how to read the defense and use screens to get separation… He comes tight off screens with his body in position to shoot.
  • Crafty offensive player that utilizes his body effectively in the paint and finds ways to get his shot off.
  • Does a good job pushing the ball and leading the break
  • Great free throw shooter
  • Battle tested in college – He’s gotten it done since his freshman year, logging big minutes and putting up solid numbers.


  • Naturally looks for his own offense, rather than creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.
  • Doesn’t possess NBA level quickness or speed
  • Not a gifted athlete… Doesn’t have the explosiveness or leaping ability to finish at the rim.
  • Doesn’t see the floor particularly well for a point guard
  • Has limited elevation on his jumper…Shoots more of a set shot
  • Lateral quickness, foot speed is in issue when defending on the ball.


Scottie Reynolds is a very good college point guard. He’s consistently produced since his freshman season, putting up big numbers in an offense that’s built for him to score. He can shoot from deep, he’s crafty at finding ways to get his shots off and he’s able to go off for big scoring outbursts on any given night.

Now although he’s been able to get it done in college, it’s a much different scenario at the next level. As a point guard, with a scoring mentality and without real court vision, the challenge becomes even greater.

Reynolds doesn’t have the athleticism, explosiveness off his feet, speed in the open court, and leaping ability around the rim or on his jump shot. He also lacks the quickness and foot speed to play man-to-man defense against NBA 1’s.

The bottom line is that Reynolds doesn’t have the physical tools or natural skills necessary to transition to become an NBA point guard. Whether he enters the draft this year, or next, I wouldn’t select Reynolds.

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