Sunday, January 3, 2010

In the Spotlight: Mike Rosario

Mike Rosario

Position: Point / 2 Guard
Ht: 6-3, Wt: 180
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
College: Rutgers
Class: Sophomore
DOB: 11/2/90


  • Natural scorer with the ability to put up big scoring numbers
  • Quick Release – doesn’t need much room to get his shot off.
  • Able to hit tough / contested shots
  • Demonstrates excellent quickness
  • Does a good job moving without the ball and using screens to get himself free
  • Exudes toughness; plays with heart
  • Displays great range on his jumper that extends past the NBA 3
  • Has foot speed / lateral quickness to defend on the ball at the next level


  • Very underwhelming physically – has a very thin frame
  • Volume shooter that needs to get up a lot of shots - Shot selection is questionable (Some of which is a product of his teams reliance on him to score)
  • Relies heavily on taking 3’s – accounts for a high percentage of his field goal attempts.
  • 2-guard that doesn’t possess natural point guard skills, which is the position he will need to play at the next level. (At 6’2 he needs to play the 1)
  • Needs to improve his ability to break down his man off the dribble and score at the rim, or create scoring opportunities for his teammates.
  • Average ball handling skills
  • Streak shooter from the outside – Can go through stretches when he dominates, but also when he can’t hit, hence his low field goal %’s.
  • Defensively, his size and slender frame make it tough to fight through screens.


Playing for a Rutgers team that has limited talent, Mike Rosario finds himself in a unique situation. On one hand, he’s given an immense amount of freedom to create scoring opportunities and to play with a green light. On the other hand, he’s relied upon to carry the scoring load and to get up a lot of shots each night.

There’s no question Rosario’s comfortable playing in a scoring role, but considering his size, 6’2, 180 lbs, he needs to demonstrate the ability to run an offense and play as more of a point guard. Right now his size and style of play are real concerns for his transition to the NBA level.

He can also really improve his shot selection and creativity, as he tends to fall in love with taking deep 3’s, rather than breaking down his man off the dribble and getting into the paint.

There’s also plenty to be impressed with about Rosario’s game. He’s a very tough kid, with superb quickness, deep range, and he does a great job moving without the ball and using screens to get free. He can put up big scoring numbers on any given night and he has the ability to get hot in a hurry and carry his team for stretches on the offensive end. (i.e. – FIBA U19 World Championships – scored 54 vs. Puerto Rico this past summer). He also fights hard on a nightly basis, despite being on an undermanned Rutgers team, competing in the Big East.

Rosario’s only a Sophomore, so there’s still time to fill out physically and prove that he can be a play maker, if given the opportunity to run a team.

My Take:

Watching Rosario, I see many similarities in his style of play to Eddie House. Both are built to be point guards, but are much more comfortable playing in a role that requires them to score.

The two scenarios: Select Rosario and then have him transition to a full-time point guard, limiting his greatest strength – ability to score. The other option is to allow Rosario to stay in his more natural scoring guard position (at 6’2), coming off the bench to provide a spark and bring energy. Neither option is one that I see Rosario flourishing in at the next level.

He can certainly improve his draft stock by showing his lead guard skills and demonstrating that he has the ability to run a team. But until I see those point guard instincts, Rosario is not someone that I think is worth drafting.


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