Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jordan Classic Recap: Charles Bassey

Charles Bassey 
Height: 6-10
Position: Power Forward / Center
Year: 2000
Team: St. Anthony 
Country: Nigeria

  • Imposing physical stature that will continue to fill out in time - 6’10 - (looks as if he has 0% body fat) and good length – think a young Theo Ratliff build
  • Bouncy athlete. Plays above the rim with ease. And has a quick second jump. He doesn’t stay down for long
  • Plays hard. High motor. Absolutely attacks the ball, when it hits the glass. 
  • Sprints the floor on both ends, often beating opposing bigs down court, to get an easy basket
  • Rim Protector who was contesting everything. Very instinctive, but also, understood basic rotations (slight hedges on PnR) and altered or blocked many shots
  • Bigtime upside. Seems as if he’s just starting his playing career and has a ton of room to grow

  • Raw. Lacking real polish. Seems like cage animal left to run free, with limited schooling. (also a positive)
  • Didn't show a ton of offensive skills.  Showed a very basic face up game and ability to put the ball on the floor, but no real back to the basket skills, but this will come as his game continues to mature
  • Needs to make sure he doesn’t float too much defensively, following the ball


Charles Bassey plays like a kid with something to prove. He’s tenacious and plays with a serious demeanor and focus. At this age, it’s easy for him to rely on his athleticism, because no other 15-16 year olds, his size, come close to possessing his physical gifts…so he can get away with it. It’s important that Charles not get reliant on his natural abilities and continue to develop because his upside is huge.

The thing that excited me most, is that he has the coordination and fluidity to balance his natural tools. So while he has no developed offensive skills – the ability to fine tune his mechanics is attainable.


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